Nashua Foundries

Established: 1863
Domestic Content: 100%

Monthly Melt: 150 Tons
Sizes: 0 - 30,000 lbs

Metals Cast
Abrasion Resistant Iron
Austempered Ductile Iron
Corrosion-Resistant Steel
Carbon Steel
Low-Alloy Steel
Al-Si (300 & 400 Series)
Mn/Al-Si Bronze+Cu-Ni Alloys
Red/Yellow Brass

- Air-Set No Bake
- Green Sand Horizontally and Vertically Parte

Welcome to Nashua Foundries...
Since 1863, North American companies have relied on Nashua Foundries for gray iron, steel, aluminum and bronze castings for every purpose -- machinery, gears, historical renovations, valves, fences, pipe rolls, manhole covers and much more. You name it, we've done it.

High Quality Castings - 100% U.S. Domestic Content
What makes our castings different is very simple: we take pride in the quality of every metal casting we make.

Starting with high quality metals and environmentally-sensitive materials, we work hard everyday to be counted among the best of American foundries. We believe that high-quality castings last longer and always save you money in the long run. After almost 140 years experience casting metal parts, we can honestly say we know a lot about 'the long run.'

Short Lead Times
Our experience with so many varieties of cast metal parts means that we can help you meet tight schedules. We are well-equipped to handle your short runs and quick turnarounds complete to print, including machining, plating and paint.

Odd Sizes - Short Runs
Casting non-standard parts has always been Nashua Foundries strong suit. We enjoy the challenges of loose wall, long and narrow parts, square parts and odd sizes and shapes.

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Nashua Foundries